Effective Presentation Training Course (2 days)

What it is all about:

This 2 day course provides an in depth study of all aspects of presentation creation and delivery with plenty of hands-on practicals for you to try out new found skills and techniques. For novice presenters it provides a firm foundation for future speeches, enabling them to talk confidently in front of any size of audience. Based on The OSRAM Approach to business presentations, by attending this course you will discover the essential elements and thought processes which combine to make an effective business presentation.

This course is designed to improve your confidence and skills, to ensure that your future presentations are effective, informative and entertaining business presentations. Presentations that convey your message and compel people to act on what they have heard.

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Why you should attend:

Not only will people listen and then act on your next presentation but by discovering how to give an Effective Business Presentation, you will:

  • Enhance your professional credibility

  • Improve your chances of success

  • Gain powerful allies

  • Widen the scope of your opportunities

  • Increase your authority at work

Why choose the 2 day course:

The two day course provides far more time for preparing and giving presentations including the creation of PowerPoint slides based on the lessons learnt.

We also cover Styles of Influence and Room Layouts in far more detail.

Video reviews of your presentations can be conducted in the class, strengthening the learning opportunities from using video feedback.

At the start of the course all participants outline their experience and their objectives for attending the course. This information is then used to tailor the content of the course to meet everyone's needs.

The course challenges some of the common presentation practises, highlighting why they don't work and shows you how to ensure your presentations are really effective.


Guildford Surrey, Reading Berkshire, Oxford Oxon, Heathrow Middx, Slough Berkshire, Basingstoke Hampshire, Camberley Surrey or Central London or at your office.

What you will gain:

By attending this course you will discover how to:<

By attending this course you will discover how to:

  • Overcome any nervous anxiety about public speaking and use that anxiety to your advantage
  • Structure your presentation for maximum effect
  • Engage your audience from the outset
  • Motivate people through your presentations
  • Discover how different people are influenced in different ways
  • Mix your influencing styles to convince everyone
  • Ensure your audience find your presentations interesting
  • Make your presentation memorable
  • Make sure you never forget an important point
  • Optimise the room layout for the style of meeting
  • Use the right body language to convey your message
  • Stop an audience from getting bored and switching off
  • Get your point across

I'll show you how to:

  • Light up your audience
  • Handle awkward questions and audience members
  • Make PowerPoint add value to your presentations

You will find out:

  • What to do with your handouts
  • How to control the timings
  • The true value of emotions when presenting

As an added bonus, I'll also tell you the single most important word to use when giving a business presentation. This single word can dramatically change a presentation making it interesting and relevant rather than boring.

Location Day Date
Guildford   My two day courses are
Oxford   now only run on demand
Heathrow   for individual companies.
Central London   Please call to arrange a date

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 I could run a personal course just for you at your office.

What past participants have said:

    "Informative and useful course, I have completely changed my views and preparation methods following your recent training and wanted to say many thanks." Craig Welch, Business Development Manager, Fullers Logistics

    "Excellent, really really informative and absolutely useful to my job. I know exactly what I am going to do with my presentation, how I will rewrite them and preparation. Interactive tips were great." Helena Dykes-Simmons, UK Reseller Manager, Veeam

    "Really enjoyed the presentation skills course. I can say with honesty that I really wasn't looking forward to the course but it was very well built, great fun and I took a great deal away from it. " Richard Done, General Manager AREPA (UK) Ltd

    "Very useful, took more away than I thought I would" Julian Jarvis, Crowcon

    "Has opened my eyes to a different way to approach presentations and mostly the way I present the content" Simon Boulter, Training Manager , Crowcon

    Lots more testimonials on our client's page


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