The OSRAM Approach

Young Markets' presentation skills training is based on "The OSRAM Approach" to effective business presentations.

This unique approach ensures that you think about all the important aspects of your presentation before you stand up, in front of an audience, to talk.

OSRAM stands for the 5 major aspects of any presentation, The Objective, The Speaker, The Room, The Audience and The Message.

On our courses you will discover:

Objective - How to formulate a timely measurable objective

Speaker - How to prepare yourself to give a confident presentation

Room - How to ensure the layout of the room and equipment does not distract from your presentation

Audience - Why your audience is the most important part of your presentation

Message - How to structure your message to achieve your objective and leave a lasting impression

The OSRAM Approach covers both the art and science of preparing and giving a business presentation. You can find out more on our 1 Day Essential Presentation Skills Course or 2 Day Effective Business Presentations In-Depth


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