Who needs presentation skills training

Why spend good money and valuable time attending a Presentation Skills course? More to the point, why should you send your staff on a presentation skills course?

These are questions that I am asked every day.

The quick answer is:

" To learn how to talk"

but I understand if you think that answer is rather flippant.

After all everyone can talk already, and as for what to say, how can a trainer who has little or no experience of your company or your job know what to say better than you do?

Anyway, training courses are an expensive luxury, which we can’t afford in the current economic climate. Anyone who needs to learn how to give a business presentation can just watch how other people in the company do it.

"We don’t need presentation training." 

Does that sum up your attitude to Presentation Skills Training?


Let’s look at this from another perspective. How many presentations have you sat through?

Probably, hundreds if not thousands.

How many of those presentations do you actually remember? 


And what percentage of those that you remember are you remembering for all the wrong reasons. The ones that went wrong. The really boring ones. The ones where the presenter made a fool of him or her self.

How many really good presentations do you remember?

Less than a handful?

That is not a very good percentage success rate, is it?


Are your presentations like everyone else’s presentations?

Do you do what most other people do?

Are they really that boring, instantly forgettable, and a complete waste of time?

Attendees at my Effective Business Presentation course have discovered, how to create and deliver memorable, motivational, must see presentations.

I’ll explain what goes wrong and why, and you will discover how to conquer your nerves and wow your audience with an effective business presentation, in your very own style.

For people who are new to presenting, you will discover the right way to give a presentation, for the more experienced presenter you will learn what is good and bad about your current style and how to enhance and tune your presentation skills.

For both the novice and the more experienced the end result is the same, the ability to confidently deliver, a compelling presentation.

No Budget

Hopefully you now see the benefits of sending people on a presentation skills training course, the only problem left is:

" because of the current economic climate we have cut our training budget."

OK, so times are hard, there is less business available in many markets, you need good strategic decision making to ensure that your company not only survives the recession but continues to grow.

Does that mean you should cut the training budget?

Question:  Why do companies invest in training their staff?

Answer: To make them better at their jobs.

Question: When confronted with a difficult business conditions would you prefer your team to be better at their jobs or worse at their jobs?

Answer: To be really good, so that we win new business and keep our customer base.

Question: Tell me again, why have you cut all your training?

Answer:  Errrrr…..


Make your company and your staff stand out against the rest, ensure they know what they are doing when they are talking to your customers and prospects.

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