Bite Sized Presentation Training

Bite Size Presentation Training Can't afford to take the whole day out of the office? Looking to brush up the presentation skills of your whole team? Know that your presentations skills could be improved but don't have the time? Our bite-size presentation training sessions could be just what you need.

These hour long seminars focus on the essentials of creating and giving a business presentation and your can hold them in your own office whenever you like.

Learn while you eat, book a presentation training session for all your staff one lunchtime. While they eat their sandwiches they will also pick up some great tips on how to make their next presentation better.

Or make it a breakfast seminar, order in some bacon butties, I'll come and give a session on effective presenting, your staff get a treat and learn something new, which will improve their effectiveness.

 If you or your staff are not the morning type of people, I'll happily run one of these session at the end of the day.

Different session are available, focusing on particular aspects of creating and delivering a presentation.

One of these sessions could make an ideal feature for your sales meeting or organisations annual kick off event.


1) Effective Presentation Overview

The essential components of a business presentation, based around the acronym OSRAM which stands for Objective, Speaker, Room, Audience and Message.

Covers the need for an objective, how to choose an objective and how to ensure it is achieved.

Looks at why people are nervous of speaking in public and  how to use the nervous energy to your advantage and instil some extra self confidence. This section also touches on the non-verbal aspects of presenting, such as eye contact, body language, tone of voice etc.

The 3 golden rules about the room and the equipment being use when presenting, to ensure you maximise the physical environment.

Examines why the Audience is the most important part of any presentation.

Covers my 5 simple rules for making a presentation memorable.

Follow OSRAM and light up your room with your presentation

2) How to structure a presentation

What is the ideal structure for a business presentation? This session works through the structure of a presentation. How to start, what to do in the middle and how to bring it to a close. This structure ensures that people will listen, be motivated by the presentation and the ensures that you end on a high. We also examine how to ensure that your audience takes action as a result of your presentation.

3) Styles of Influence

How do you influence people?

Do you push they into doing things or pull them along with you?

Most people have their own favourite style or styles of influencing, but if you use the wrong style on the wrong person it may have the reverse affect to what you were expecting.

This module looks at the different styles of influencing that people can use to achieve their desired outcomes.

We also look at the best way to incorporate the different styles of influence in to a presentation to ensure you hit everyone's "hot button" at some point during the presentation.

4) The One Minute Wonder

As networking becomes more popular, even for corporate staff, there are an increasing number of opportunities to give short "One Minute" presentations, or elevator talks.

To convey the right image and maximise the opportunity provided by such occasions needs some planning and practise.

This bite size session investigates the best way to structure and deliver your own personal "one minute wonder".


The cost of running one of the above sessions is dependant on the number of participants.


For up to 15 people the cost is 275 (ex VAT ) per session

For 16 to 30 people the cost is 325 (ex VAT) per session

For over 30 people the cost will be 375 (ex VAT) per session


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