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Business Presentations - Conviction

If you want people to believe you, you have to belief yourself first. You need to talk like you mean it.
Leave out all those phrases like " I think…." and " Perhaps …" . Be more definite.

Instead of saying, " I think, if we worked together we could probably achieve our goal" say, " Together, we can achieve our goal. In fact, we can exceed it!"

I remember, when I was working for a large well-known software company, we had a very important product launch of a completely new suite of software. As part of this launch we were staging a massive presentation for hundreds of existing customers and potential prospects.

It was so important that we hired a voice coach to preview all our presentations to ensure we were up to scratch. I gave my presentation and was given a very positive assessment, except for one part where I had to talk about the multi-lingual capabilities of the software. The coach asked me if I believed what I was saying. I had to admit that it was the one aspect of the product suite that had not yet been implemented and that I had my doubts about how well it would perform. She said that the doubt came across in my voice and that I either need to convince myself that it would work or leave that part out of the presentation. So I went back and talked it through with the developers, learnt more about how they were going to achieve the support for multi-lingual operation and became convinced that it would work. The presentation went off with out a hitch.

When it comes down to it, if you do not believe it yourself, you will never get others to believe it.

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