Demonstration Workshop

Demonstration Workshop

The sales person has done his or her best and now it is down to you to give a live demonstration of your solution.

You know the software and hardware like the back of your hand and you could talk about it and show off your solution for hours. But is that the best way to demonstrate your technology? How do you give an effective demonstration?

This workshop explores the  attributes of an effective demo. How to grab people's attention and then keep it while you
highlight the real benefits of your application. While every company's software and hardware solutions are different the structure and
rational behind an effective demonstration is common across a wide range of different industries and solutions.

In many technology companies the pre-sales support team learn how to give a demonstration by watching others give one and then following their example.

This leads to a tremendous variation in the quality and standards of demonstrations within the organisation. In addition, the fact that it is
technically minded people who are giving the demos can mean that the are often far more interested in the technology than your customerís business. 

While your prospective customers are far more likely to be interested in  solutions to their problems than the ins and outs of your technology.

The key of a good demonstration is to adopt the pyramid principle which is familiar to every journalist. In demonstration terms this means doing "your
best bit first"

Don't demonstrate your technology and expect prospects to see the benefits. Work with them to help them solve their problems and introduce them to new technology that will help achieve their vision of success.

By attending this workshop you will gain a clear understanding of what works and what doesn't and you will develop a structure for your demonstrations that you can use again and again.

Forthcoming Dates:

As of January 2015 my Effective Demonstration Workshops will be run on demand. Pick a date that suits you and give me a call.


For a tailored in-house version of this workshop for up to 6 delegates the cost is normally £1250 (+VAT)


Participants are expected to bring their own laptops to practise their demonstrations

Download Effective Demonstration Workshop - Course Outline

Workshop Agenda


Purpose of a Demonstration

5 Key Aspects of a demo (OPERA)

Deciding What to Show (Benefits not Features)


Discover what your audience need (Find Out First!)


3 Components of every Demonstration

Demonstration Structure

Making it Memorable


Question Handling



Why come on a demonstration workshop?

There are very few courses available which cover how to give an effective technology demonstration. My demonstration workshop does just that. It is aimed at pre-sales consultants or support engineers, i.e. the technically minded people who demonstrate your products and solutions to prospective customers.

In my experience pre-sales people usually learn how to give a demonstration by watching their predecessors giving demos. They then add their own bits and make things up as they go along,  Once someone has been with the company for a few months they rarely have the opportunity to see anyone else demonstrate the products so they carry on doing it how they do it.

This results in widely differing demonstrations of the same product by different people in the same company. The second problem with giving demos is that the people who give them tend to be technically minded, not sales oriented. This is inevitable to a great extent, but it does mean that unlike many of their prospective customers they have an innate interest in the technology.

My demonstration workshop starts with the basic question "Why give a demo?" which focuses the participants minds on why they are doing the demo and what the objective of their demo should be. We then cover  the basics of a solution selling approach before looking at the anatomy of an ideal demonstration. In the afternoon we focus on practicals, where people can run through their demonstrations and get honest feedback for their colleagues and peers on how effective it has been and suggestions for any areas of improvement that may be highlighted.

As with my presentation skills training, the effective demonstration workshop is very interactive as I believe people learn best by doing rather than sitting listening.

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