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December 2008

Vol 3 Issue 6


Welcome to the December issue of Markets View. Let me start by wishing you an very Happy Christmas and all the very best for the New Year ahead.

New course dates for 2009 are now available.

There is a special Christmas Presenting Quiz for you to test your colleagues.

A special Christmas present for all my readers worth 100.

The A to Z of Effective Presentations article in this issue is dedicated to the letter "S". "S" is for Summary, Signposts, Smiling and Scripts.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Young
+44 1276 502257

Upcoming Courses

There is just one course left this year:

Effective Business Presentations Wed 17th December in Heathrow

And for you my loyal reader, I have a special Christmas present worth 100 You can send someone on this course for just 185 (+ VAT at only 15%). That is a full 100 off the normal price.

Places are limited, so you may need to be quick.

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New Course Dates for 2009

The dates for all my courses during the first half of 2009 are now available, starting with the first one in Oxford on 16th January.

You can download the Course Calendar in pdf format by clicking here.

Christmas Presentation Quiz

So who thinks he or she is the best presenter in your office?

Who knows all there is to know about creating and delivering presentations?

Try my new Presentation Quiz, compare your scores and find out once and for all who really is the best.

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The A to Z of Effective Presentations

In previous newsletters, which you can access here, I have covered A to R , so now it is the letter "S". In this issue "S" stands for Summary, Signposts, Smile and Scripts.

S is for Summary

There is an age-old saying when it comes to presenting:

"Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, tell them what you have told them."

This principle has stood the test of time. It works. By outlining the areas that you will be talking about, it provides your audience with a structure. This makes it easier for them to follow your presentation.

I've recently heard this re-phrased as:

'Tell them how you are going to bore them, bore them, tell them how you bored them'

I think that is unfair, as long as when you are telling them what you are going to say, you do so in a way that generates interest rather than pre-empting the presentation.

At the end of your presentation, do not forget to summarise the key point(s) and then make a call to action.

Once you have made the call to action end the presentation. Do not be tempted to add extra bits that you have thought of as you were going along, or pieces that you inadvertently missed earlier in the presentation. The "call to action" must be the last thing you say before you sit down.

S is for Signpost

In previous newsletters, I have made a big play on not letting your audience get ahead of you. And I stand by this 100%.

Do not take people in a straight line from start to finish, they will want to jump ahead of you. The opposite is also true. Your presentation should not be full of surprises and non-sequiturs. Your presentation needs to take people along with it, so you do not want to jump from one subject to another.

It is preferable to take then on a gently meandering course. Some signposts which point people in the direction you are going are always helpful.

Split the presentation up to make it easier for people to follow and understand. Each new section will reawaken their interest if it has started to flag.

Use verbal signposts e.g. 'Which leads me on to ...' 'Now we will ....' to smooth out the transitions between one sub-topic and the next.

S is for Smile

Smile and the whole world smiles back, say the bumper stickers. This is never more true than when you are presenting. With the odd exception of having to deliver bad news, it is invariably better to smile. Look like you are enjoying giving the presentation and your audience are more likely to enjoy it too.

If you are nervous, look for friendly smiling faces in the audience and give them lots of eye contact to begin with, it will help to calm your nerves. Do not forget to look at everyone else in the audience as your presentation progresses.

S is for Scripts

Some people will find it helpful to write out a full script of what they are going to present, in order to organise their thoughts and plan their presentation. Whatever you do, do not try using that script to support you while you give the talk.

Scripts do not work well as speaker's notes.

One of the problems of writing a script and them memorising it is that you rarely talk the same ways as your write. By only having bullet points to remind you of the key topics, you will find that you use your own natural conversational language rather than the more staid language you use when writing a formal document.

Secondly, it is very difficult to find your place in a script. As soon as you deviate from the script, you will find it very difficult to find your place to start using it again.

Thirdly, if you are reading from a script, you will not be able to maintain eye contact with your audience.

Improve Your Presentations

I hope you have found this newsletter useful and interesting. You can learn a lot more about how to structure and give an Effective Business Presentation, by:

  • Attending a Young Markets Effective Presentations Skills training course
  • Reading my ebook "The A to Z of Effective Business Presentations" which you can download from my website today.
  • Taking my on-line course which is just one of the many sales related training modules at

Please feel free to forward this on to your friends and colleagues. If you have received this second hand and would like your own personal copy of future issues, please click here.

I hope you have found this issue of Markets View interesting and informative.

Effective Business Communication 

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