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July 2009

Vol 4  Issue 5    


For those of you who missed it in my email last month I have included an updated version of a cartoon, which I hope you enjoy (see below).

As I mentioned in my last newsletter I have been getting more involved in social media. My blog is up and running. My most popular entry so far is about the latest Mercedes adverts and the power of telling stories.

I have also started a new Twitter based service that provides a presentation tip every day to those who follow me. You can follow here.

Finally, I have also slightly reorganised my web site so that all the hints, tips and articles that I have written are all available from the one page, the free presentation hints and articles page.

By making all this information freely available my only hope is that people still feel the need to come on my presentation skills training/coaching days.

The A to Z of Effective Presentations article in this issue is dedicated to the letter "W". "W" is for Way you say it, Water and Walking.

Yours sincerely,

Graham Young
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George really changed after that presentation course.

The A to Z of Effective Presentations

In previous newsletters, which you can access here, I have covered A to V , so now it is the letter "W".  In this issue "W" stands for the Way that you say it, Water & Walking.

W is for the Way you say it

'It ain't what you say it's the way that you say it. That's what gets results.'

Hopefully, if you have been reading my newsletters for a while you have realised the truth in this statement. While it is true that the words you use are important, far more so than the 7% quoted by some presentation trainers, the way that you say those words can have far more impact.

Here is a little exercise for you.

Everyone knows what the word 'Yes' means don't they?

Surely, it is just a positive acknowledgement. But in everyday conversation, we use the word 'yes' to convey a lot more than just that. Try saying the word 'yes' to mean the following:

  Yes - I agree

  Yes - If you say so

  Yes - I'd love to

  Yes - Do you understand?

  Yes - Tell me more

  Yes - That's surprising

  Yes - I'm really not listening to a word you say

  Yes - No

No doubt, you can think of even more meanings behind the way the word 'Yes' can be said.

As you can see, the way we say a word has a big impact on its meaning. Normally everyone knows what emotions to use to get their message across.

The problem comes when we cut out the emotion in our voice while we try to sound serious, relaxed, business like or what ever other "hat" you put on when you give a presentation. You need to let the emotions and passions through so that the audience gets the full meaning behind the words that you use.

V is for Water   

Have a jug of water and a glass available to you, but do not be tempted to drink unless it is really necessary. Having a dry mouth is one of the normal signs of nervous tension, but if you drink the water, you will find that your mouth tends to get dryer and then you will want to drink more and more. You are far better sucking a mint before you stand up to talk and leaving the water alone.

It is of course wise to have a drink to hand in case you start coughing or to act as a temporary diversion while you gather your thoughts to answer a question.

V is for Walking

When you have the opportunity, before you present, go or a walk on your own, this will help you clear your mind so you can concentrate on the presentation and the exercise will also help your body handle the flow of adrenalin.

In general, taking some exercise half an hour or so before a presentation will prepare your body for the event. It will make you will feel more energetic and this will come across to your audience.

When giving a presentation from a stage don't stand behind the lectern, walking around the stage. Move purposefully about the stage addressing different parts of the audience from different positions.


Improve your presentations

I hope you have found this newsletter useful and interesting. You can learn a lot more about how to structure and give an Effective Business Presentation, by:

  • Attending a Young Markets Effective Presentations Skills training course
  • Reading my book "The A to Z of Effective Business Presentations" which you can download from my website today or buy the paperback on Amazon.
  • Taking my on-line course which is just one of the many sales related training modules at  
  • Reading my blog
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