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December 2013

Vol 5  Issue 4    

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 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year





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Dear Graham,

I'd like to wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year, I hope you receive everything you deserve with a little extra on top as well.

Course dates for 2013 are now finalised,  click to check the dates for Presentation training and for Demonstration training. Alternatively you can download my training conspectus in PDF format.

I recently received an update from Paula Alsford of Skills South East. Paula said that the Leadership & Management Advisor Service still has funding to support over 1,500 companies between now and 31st March 2013. So, if you are looking to fund your training in this way you had better be quick. Click for further information on the Train to Gain grants.

Just a short newsletter this month, take care , have a lovely Christmas break and hopefully we'll be in touch in the New Year.   




Graham Young
Young Markets


The A to Z of Effective Presentations

As it Christmas, appropriately enough it is the letter "C" for our A to Z of Effective Presentations. Included in the "C's" are Confidence, Conviction, Colours and Competitors.


C is for Conviction


'It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not.'  Anon


To make people to believe in you, you have to belief in yourself first.  You need to talk as if you mean it. 

Leave out all those phrases like 'I think....' and 'Perhaps ...' be more definite.

Instead of saying, 'I think, if we worked together we could probably achieve our goal' say, 'Together, we can achieve our goal', 'In fact, we can exceed it!'

When it comes down to it, if you do not believe it yourself, you will never get others to believe it.

C is for Confidence

Confidence is inextricably linked with conviction.

To boost general confidence there are a myriad of different techniques, which you can use.  One is the 'I like me because....' method.  For one minute every morning, stand in front of the mirror and say 'I like me because ...' and follow it by as many different reasons why you like yourself.  'I like me because I am blonde', 'I like me because I am good at my job', 'I like me because I'm a good Dad', 'I like me because I'm not overweight', 'I like me because I have given up smoking', 'I like me because I am honest'.  If you cannot think of anything else just make things up but keep going, saying as many things as you can in the minute.  If you do this every morning, you will get better at it and it will improve your own self-confidence.

Another technique to use before a presentation is to say aloud the following statements before anyone arrives in the room:

'I am poised, prepared, persuasive, positive and powerful.'

'I feel composed, confident convincing, commanding and compelling.'

Write these two phrases on your first Cue Card.

Confidence is all a matter of self-belief.  You need to believe in yourself and you will be more confident, and come across as confident.  Do not over do it though.  Do not talk down to your audience they will never forgive you!

Eleanor Roosevelt said, 'No one can make you feel inferior unless you agree with it'. 

C is for Colours

What looks good on the screen may not work so well when it is projected.  Even today, most projectors lose some of their colour density when they are projected.  This makes the screen look washed out.  Pale colours are very susceptible to this effect.

The most readable colours are yellow writing on a dark blue background or black writing on a yellow background.  If you use a plain background, the text will be more readable but the slides look less interesting.

Be careful with using images as a background, it is very difficult to choose a text colour that will always show up.  If you want to use images as backgrounds, to reflect for instance the different industries your customers are in, I suggest making them very pale, more like a watermark so that the black text will show up against the whole background.

In PowerPoint or similar software, it can help to use a shadow font, which will provide more contrast between the text and the background.

C is for Competitors

In a product or sales presentation, I would never mention competitors by name.  Even if asked who I thought were our main competitors, I would strongly resist naming them.  This is because by naming them as competitors you are giving them a very positive endorsement that they are a company worth considering as an alternative to your own.

Even if you have a couple of very well known competitors, individual prospects may not be aware of them or may not have considered purchasing from them.  Giving their name in a presentation, may make your prospect rethink that decision.

In answer to the question, 'Who are your main competitors?'  I would normally answer slightly tongue in cheek with 'That's a very interesting question.  While there are many companies who claim to offer competitive products to our own, we do not actually believe that we have any direct competitors who can .....  restating the benefits of your products / services.  '


Have a lovely Christmas and if you know someone who needs to improve their demonstrations skills or give more effective demos in the New Year, please give me a call.


01276 502257




Effective Business Communication 

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