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Presentation Audit

Giving a presentation is like driving a car

   Remember how nervous you
   were when you first started 

   But as you drove more your
   confidence grew.



   Most experienced drivers
   think they can't improve
   but ....

   Experience alone doesn't always
   make you an expert.

   While some have a natural flair.



   Others could benefit from
   some coaching.




Business Presentations are not that different


   Some people think that they give
   dynamic presentations.

   But are they getting they
   getting their message across?


   At least all drivers have to

   pass a test.


   And their cars are tested




When did you last have an independent check on your presentation skills?




When did you last get an independent check

on your presentation skills?


Call Young Markets on 01276 502257 to book

 your presentation audit,

before you waste another opportunity.



Just how good are your company presentations? Ask your colleagues for feedback and they will invariably tell you that they are fine, irrespective of what they actually think. Isn't it about time you had some honest feedback from someone who knows?

Young Markets' Presentation Audits are designed to ensure your presentations, seminars and/or  demonstrations effectively fulfil your objectives. Think of it as an MOT for your public speaking.

Even the best of speakers can pick up some bad habits over time, this presentation audit and presentation coaching will revitalise your presentations.

Presentation Audits can focus on either the presentation design and or the presentation delivery.


The normal fee is 90 / hour, inclusive of any expenses. Most audits are completed within 3 hours.


To Reserve Your Presentation Audit

To reserve your presentation audit please complete this form  or call Graham Young on 01276 502257





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