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February 2012

Vol 7  Issue 1    

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Effective Business Presentations Course

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21st Feb 2012 Guildford
1st Mar 2012 Oxford
23rd Mar 2012 Camberley
13th Mar 2012 Basingstoke
3rd April 2012 Slough
19th April 2012 Reading

Effective Demonstrations Course

Date Location
6th Mar 2012 Oxford
24th April 2012 Slough

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Dear Colleague,

Although it is February already, as this is my first newsletter this year, I'd like to wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous 2012.

This year, I am expanding my course repertoire to include a new course entitled "Communicating in Business" and I'd like your help in defining the content. See below.

I am still running my popular courses "Effective Business Presentation Skills" and "Effective Demonstration Skills" both as public and in-house events, up coming dates are listed in the column on the left. For a second year running the prices have not changed they are still only 375 per person.

You can receive a daily presentation tip by following me on Twitter at and of course I'll follow you back.

This month's A to Z of Presentations includes: G for Games.


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Thanks & Regards

Communicating in Business


Good clear communication is a corner stone of good business. We all communicate in a diverse variety of ways throughout our working day; face to face, by email, in meetings, in presentations, by telephone, by formal reports and informal chats.

We take for granted the ability to talk but do we always get our messages across clearly, concisely and succinctly? Do we spend too much time chatting and not enough time talking and listening?

Are meetings the bane of your life, or an opportunity for constructive progress and decision making?

Do you suffer from email overload and find that others have overlooked your carefully drafted missives?

I am bringing together a one day course on effective business communication and would like your help to define the contents of the course. With such a wide topic as "Communication" I'd like to know which particular aspects of communication cause you the most problems in your daily life so that I can develop a course which targets the most common issues.

Please click on communications to participate in my survey. It will only take a minute as there are just three questions. I'll let you know the results and details of the training course soon.


Tact is the ability to descibe others as they see themselves. Abraham Lincoln


What happens when you throw a purple rock into a yellow stream?


The A to Z of Effective Presentations

This month we are on the letter G

G is for Games

When you are thinking about the content of a business presentation, you are probably not thinking about playing games.

However in some circumstances, particularly when everyone already knows each other, or you want to get some information across in a light hearted manner, incorporating a game in to your presentation can be very effective.

As many of you are aware from previous newsletter articles and such, I think audience participation is a great asset to many a presentation. Making you audience to do something rather than just sitting listening is a sure way of increasing how memorable your presentation will be.

Creating a game can be as simple or as complicated as you like. You could create a "Who want to be a millionaire" style of slide with a question and four possible answers, then either ask the question rhetorically before revealing the answer, or have a colleague in the hot seat, who might answer the questions, or ask the audience.

For more sophisticated games there is a software package called Game Show Presenter which you could use, or you could use Shakespeak to enable your audience to text in their answers.

Remember the object of using a game like this is not to show anyone up for picking the wrong answer but to make everyone think about the questions your asking, rather than just sitting there letting your presentation waft over them.

So turn your next departmental presentation into a game and you'll ensure you get your message across.


Answer to riddle? It makes a splash.


Effective Business Communication 

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