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September 2013



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Welcome to the Autumn issue of my newsletter "Markets View" providing you with a brief summery of what Young Markets is doing and some hints and tips on how to improve your presentation skills. 


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Public Speaking Tips from the Pros


Earlier this year I was invited to contribute to an ebook compiled by the leading presentation coach in Asia, Akash Karia. The book has now been published, you can download it from my website. It only costs 3.00

Akash has involved a number of truly insightful presentation professionals to create this book which provides a wealth of information about how to become a powerfully persuasive speaker who commands the attention of your audiences..

  • How to hook your audience,
  • How to build your speech,  
  • How to use humour,
  • How to use statistics,
  • How to create sexy PowerPoint slides,
  • How to overcome the nerves
  • And many more aspects of a great presentation.

It is an easy to read, practical guide, full of great tips to improve your presentations.

Results of my Survey on Use of Bullet Points

Those of you with good memories might remember I ran a short survey in my last newsletter about the use of bullet point slides in your presentations.

Everyone who responded said that they used bullet point skids mainly because they thought it helped get their message across. In my opinion this is out dated thinking. Take a look at my blog post "A Brief History of Slides Design" and hopefully you will see how the use of PowerPoint ( or other such tools) has changed over recent years. Bullet points add very little in terms of understanding to your presentations. 

One very honest respondent said that he/she used bullet points because they were easier to create than pictorial slides. While this is no doubt true, I have to question how important a successful outcome of their presentation is? Surely if you are going to all the trouble, time and effort to get people to listen to your presentation it is worth that little bit more effort to ensure it is successful?

I wrote more about this in my blog post "Ban the Bullets".

And of course if you need some more inspiration and help in creating some sexy PowerPoint slides, see the article about "Public Speaking Tips from the Pros" . above.

What comes next in this series?

O, T, T, F, F, S, S, E

The McGurk Effect - Seeing Trumps Hearing


Have you heard about the McGurk Effect?  It is a very interesting phenomena which shows that what you see trumps what you hear. So despite what you are saying, your audience is more likely to believe what they see you are doing.  If you don't believe me take a look at this BBC Newsnight video clip.

When you give a presentation, it is vitally important that you believe what you are saying, otherwise your audience will pick up on the tell tale signs that they will see. They will know that although they understood what you have said, it isn't what you meant.

Take your Audience on a Journey

When you stand up to give your next sales presentation, it may be helpful to think in terms of taking your audience on a journey. A journey in which you are the tour guide.

Learn more about where you are going and how you will get there in my latest blog post "Take Your Audience on a Journey"

Bon voyage!

Answer to What Comes Next?

The next letter is "N"

The letters are the first letters of the numbers:

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight

So the next in the series is "N" for Nine.




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