On-Line E-Training

Prefer On-line training?  Too busy to take a whole day out of the office? Need a refresher on certain aspects of you sales and people skills?

The vast range of knowledge and experience gained over a lifetime of selling business solutions is available in bite size pieces at:  www.salestrainingonline.com

Here you can access over 20 different modules covering all aspects of sales and marketing. From "The Importance of Commercial Awareness" to "Negotiating Skills". (See below for a full list). Each module takes about 30 minutes, so you can learn about a new topic while you eat you sandwiches for lunch.

Personally, I can recommend the "Delivering Effective Presentations" module, as I am a guest speaker for this one.

If you don't like reading ebooks and can't spare the time to take a day out of the office, this new on-line training may be exactly what you need. Providing the core information, which is vital for success, in an easily digestible bite size pieces.

You can pick just one module to address an aspect that you are looking to improve, or take the whole set to equip yourself with all the skills you need, to be successful at selling.

On-Line Assessment

Each of the on-line training courses has a built in assessment test, so you and your manager can be sure that you have learnt the material and are ready to put it into action.

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