Presentation Coaching

Do you have an important presentation coming up?

Maybe its a product launch, a presentation to the board or to your investors?

Have you been invited to give a conference presentation at an industry event?

You only have one chance to succeed, ensure your presentation is effective.

When a standard presentation training course is not appropriate, you may benefit from some one on one coaching or mentoring.

Cost Effective Coaching

With one on one coaching we can cover more ground in a shorter period, only covering the topics and areas that you need, so coaching can be very cost effective. Typically a half day of coaching costs just 375 (+VAT) and a full day for 475 (+VAT).

Coaching may also be appropriate for anyone who can't afford to take a whole day out for a course, or who would rather learn in the evenings or weekends, or for whatever reason the scheduled course dates don't fit in with your diary.

Where ever and when ever it suits you, I can provide the coaching you need to make your next presentation a success.

Good honest advice from someone who has been there, made the mistakes and knows how to make a difference.

Follow-Up Coaching

Short coaching sessions can also be used to follow up after a course, ensuring that the course material has been fully absorbed and turned into live actions.

Nervous of Speaking in Public

Some people have a real fear of speaking in public, I've met people who have turned down a promotion or changed jobs to avoid giving a presentation. If you are affected by such fears then you probably don't relish coming on a public course and having to give practise presentations, in front of the other delegates.

In that case, book a private session with me and we will conquer your fears together. These one on one sessions won't cost the earth either with prices starting at 375 for a four hour session.

Conference Organisers

Do you want to ensure your conference is a success? Poorly structured or narrated speeches are the single largest turn off for any conference delegate. To ensure all your speakers deliver on the promise of you conference why not retain Young Markets to provide the appropriate coaching.

Alternatively, you might like to give every presenter a copy of "The A to Z of Effective Business Presentations" as part of their enrolment pack.

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