Top Presentation Hints & Tips

Here are 5 Top Ten Tips documents that provide useful tips on how to prepare and deliver an effective business presentation.

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1. Overcoming Fear
2. Effective Content
3. Opening Remarks
4. The Physical Environment
5. Using Cue Cards
6. Body Language

Presentation articles

An ever growing list of presentation articles

I also run two Blogs on wordpress, they are: - a general blog about presenting and speaking entitled "Walk the Talk" - An alphabetic list of hints and tips for your next presentation.

These hints and tips are not a real substitute for attending a presentation skills training course but I hope they help you to improve your presentations skills.

Comparing how presentations are typically delivered with how they should be delivered.

Two views on presenting

Presentation Tip
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Presentations on Presentations

Watch my short presentation on how to structure a presentation:

Presentation Structure from Young Markets

Now see how to deliver your presentation:

Presentation Delivery from Young Markets

A Brief History of Slide Design

A Brief History of Slide Design from Young Markets


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