In-house Tailored Presentation Skills Training

In-House Presentation Training Young Markets provides a wider range of in-house presentation skills training than is available on the public course schedule.

The public courses (1 day & 2 day Effective Presentation Skills & Demonstration Workshop) can be run at your own offices or a location of your choice.

This is usually more economical than 4 or more people attending a public course. Of course, if you run a course just for your own staff you can also tailor it to exactly meet their needs.

For example, you could use your own corporate presentation as a basis for the practicals or have more emphasis on the slide content.

Personal Courses For anyone who can't make it to one of my public courses, why not have a day of personal training at your office?

The full course syllabus can be covered in less then a full day at a cost of 475.00 +VAT.

All our in-house training can be tailored to your exact requirements. We are happy to meet with you to discuss your needs and create a personalised proposal to cater for your training needs and achieve your objectives.

1 or 2 days or just 1 hour

With an in-house course you have the option of extending the course to one and a half or two days, on either two consecutive days, or with a gap in between. This provides far more time for practise presentations and presentation preparation so that the skills taught on the course can be learnt more thoroughly.

Alternatively you can reduce it to just one hour!

Can't afford to take a whole day away from your desk? See our bite size presentation training for an alternative approach.

One popular approach is to run the standard one day course, in-house, followed up a month later by a series of one hour personal coaching slots, for each of the attendees. This provides the opportunity for everyone to give an extra presentation which consolidates the learning gained from the initial one day course.

A Case Study

Download a casestudy on our in-house presentation training

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