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Change is a difficult thing. Most people don't like change, if you don't believe me just try asking your partner to sleep on the other side of the bed tonight!

When people come on a course they are hopefully open to new ideas and want to learn something new. In a sense they are open to change, to learning something new, extending their capabilities, breaking new boundaries and the fact that they are in a different surrounding, with new people they have not met before makes it easier to make the change. But once they go back to their ordinary (or in some cases not so ordinary) but more familiar surroundings, it is all to easy to slip back into to their old ways.


At Young Markets we try to invoke confidence in presenting, through our training courses, as well as passing on knowledge as to what works and what doesn't work, when you are up in front of an audience. We would like to think that we are establishing a firm foundation for your future presentations.

The vast majority of people leave our training courses feeling invigorated, fresh with new ideas and new tactics that will improve their presentations in the future, which makes me feel good. But I often wonder whether this new knowledge is always applied when they return to work. Has it made it way through to real changes in behaviour? Has it made a real difference?

Our courses are based on the age old truth, first voiced by Confucius, "I here I forget, I see I remember, I do I understand". This is why everyone does 3 practicals on our one day course and why we try to make the courses as interactive as possible. Because it is only by doing something that people gain a true understanding of what it involves.

But our one day course is just the start, although people usually work hard during the course, the real hard work comes afterwards, as they apply what they have learnt in their working life.


To help people who have attended Young Markets' Effective Presentation Skills training courses, embed their new skills, we are provide "The Presentation Hotline".  This is a phone and email based service that provides past delegates with help on creating and giving their future presentations. You can use it as a sounding board to gain an independent insight as to whether a particular approach will work, to get suggestions for attention grabbing openings or to provide feedback on techniques that you have found work well (or not). We will even review your presentation slides and give our open and honest feedback.

When appropriate, I will publish selected extracts in the Markets View newsletter, if I feel they would be of benefit to a wider audience, assuming the contributor is happy for me to do it.

Now for the best part of this new service....

               ..... it is completely FREE for the first 6 months

All you have to do is email your questions, observations and concerns to "help  at" or call me, Graham Young, on 01276 502257 for a chat.

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