At the end of my presentation skills courses I ask the participants how well the course went, these are just some of their comments:   For a fuller customer list click customers.

Effective Business Presentation Skills

"Informative+ very helpful!" Jade Woodward, Projects Manager, Grafton GB

"Good course well presented" , Senior Account Manager, European Electronique

"Really useful and informative – really enjoyed the training and took a lot away from it. " Matt Hawkins, Senior Account Manager, European Electronique

"Really well structured and informative day very practical and useful" Richard Adewale, Internal Sales, European Electronique

"Extremely useful. Served as a good refresher to other workshops I attended, particularly appreciate the reminders with regard to how to structure my presentations for more effectiveness" Helen Bennett, Assistant Registrar, University of Hertfordshire

"Achieved aims of refining presentation skills and helped with numerous practical methods of applying these skills" Phil Brownjohn, Business  Development, Opus Results.

"Good balance between lecturer and practical work. Very helpful." Natasha Robinson, Kia

"Thank you for a most wonderful and interesting course" Owen Sherring, MD, Otech Consulting

"Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot" Derek Aning, Baqus

"Informative and useful course, I have completely changed my views and preparation methods following your recent training and wanted to say many thanks." Craig Welch, Business Development Manager, Fullers Logistics

"Excellent, really really informative and absolutely useful to my job. I know exactly what I am going to do with my presentation, how I will rewrite them and preparation. Interactive tips were great." Helena Dykes-Simmons, UK Reseller Manager, Veeam

" Really enjoyed the presentation skills course. I can say with honesty that I really wasn't looking forward to the course but it was very well built, great fun and I took a great deal away from it. " Richard Done, General Manager AREPA (UK) Ltd

" Very useful, took more away than I thought I would" Julian Jarvis, Crowcon

" Has opened my eyes to a different way to approach presentations and mostly the way I present the content" Simon Boulter, Training Manager , Crowcon

" Useful day to focus what we do" Matt Cooper, Sales & Marketing Dir., The Revival Co.

"A good vibrant day with plenty of interaction, very useful." Jim Herrington, Operations Director, The Revival Co.

"Great delivery; I now understand how presentations can impact an audience" Kasim Mahmood, Fluor

"Very well delivered" Kai Chui, Project Engineer, Fluor

"A very good structured course and very enjoyable" Jack Tipping, Publisher Relations, Bowker

" Enjoyable & helpful course" Dave Wood, Technical Specialist, Crowcon

" Very good comprehensive practical course. Well worth the investment in time." Zac Conaty, Estee Lauder.

" Good overall presentation skills course Found some cherries to pick" Phil Kilburn 3T RPD

" This course was very informative and has given me more confidence to present" Katie Sillah, Account Manager, Selcoms

" Very helpful and informative. Enjoyed all it had to offer" , Tim Fogden, Frontier Software

"Exceeded expectations and gave me some good things to take away and develop" Camilla Braithwaite, Marketing Manager, TBI Communications

"Excellent course, very useful tips, was good to share experiences and concerns with others" James Stumbles, AON 

"Very useful to me, Thanks!" , John Powers, Data Process and Engineering Manager, Fluor

"I found the course very worthwhile, and the fact that it was a small group made it very personal and ensured that I had ample opportunity to ask questions and get feedback which really suited my needs. The trainer was very competent and approachable with great subject knowledge. I would definitely use Young Markets again, and recommend to my work colleagues. Thank you very much!" Lisa Hale, Ottobock

" Course really made me think how I can focus my presentation on the audience & be able to engage them. Will definitely be using the skills learnt in my role." Oliver Clarke-Williams, Account Manager, Financial Express

" Very Good Course/Training Session" Julie Venables , Fluor

"Graham touched on subjects that other presentation skills courses haven’t. Very useful. " David Bright, Engineering manager, Fluor

" Very helpful with some good tips I wouldn’t have thought of before, will definitely use in my work" Jo Grange, Marketing Manager, Bowker

"Highlighted shortcomings in slides that had been developed" Nigel Kennedy, Mechanical Lead, Fluor

"Good Course, plenty of debate, focussed on getting it right" , Steve McDonnell, Piping Lead, Fluor

"Very good and very useful not only in working life but also personal Lots of ideas fuelled" Donal Thorburn, Kroll Ontrack

"I enjoyed the pace of the course, the instructor was very knowledgeable and I would happily recommend it to others" , Chris Vaughan Adaptive Computing

" Very good content put across in a logical and enjoyable manner" Stuart Offer 3TRPD



Effective Demonstration Workshop

" Good course presented in a friendly manner" Steve Craig.

" It is very useful. All the techniques can also be used in meetings and other discussions" Erik Hu,

" Stipulating common sense is always good to be reminded of, creates good frameworks" Laurent Bertrand

"I picked-up very useful and unexpected interesting things to help my demoing, very happy" Laurent Chauvier, NDS

" Fulfilled my needs right from the start!" Gary Pearce, Sorce

"The course was great – lots of top tips" Steve Larder, Sales Manager PrisymID Ltd

" It really helped me to think more about the audience in future demos" , Rick Smith

" Really made me reflect on how I can improve upon previous demo through application of presented concepts very well" , Trevor Whinmill

" Very well presented course and highly recommended. I have been doing it wrong for years!" Alex Hanin


NB: there are far less testimonials for this course because it has been run far fewer times.


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